Conférence Internationale - 21/03/2019 à Mons

IDEA organise, en coopération avec Materia Nova et l'asbl S.E.A, une conférence internationale sur la thématique du plastique le 21 mars 2019 au Micx (Mons)
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Today, 10 tons of plastic are produced all around the world... every second. While polymer-based materials are offering significant advantages, nobody can ignore the non-sustainable aspect of the current linear life-cycle model.

A rising number of stakeholders, researchers, producers, industrials, retailers, waste management companies, public and private organizations invest effort and money into strategic initiatives aiming at deploying more sustainable innovative models.

During the event, National and International experts exchange views, research and projects on a sustainable business model for plastic.

9 renowned experts' speeches

Workshop on 4 topics

- Reduce: What are the initiatives to reduce volume and/or usage?

- Recycle: How to reach a 100% circular model for plastic?

- Reuse plastic: 80% of worldwide produced plastic in landfilling or in the nature, what are the solutions to turn this situation into an opportunity?

- Reinvent: Are 100% biodegradable plastic / plastic alternatives possible?

Panel debate:

with key personalities on how investments and partnerships can be deployed to create a true sustainable circular economy for polymers.

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